Technical Support


Understanding the importance of mission-critical applications no organization can afford the network downtime, And to avoid these kind of situations D-Link is offering following technical services to gain understanding of our products and their respective technologies.
1.1 Technical Support
To resolve the any technical issue we are offering prompt technical support to our customers. Which would help you to obtain customer satisfaction.
1.2 Technical Updates
To keep you posted about our technical activities the technical updates would be sent to you regularly in form of emails or faxes.
1.3 Network Consultation
To assist you in designing and implementing the networks for your company D-Link is offering network consultation without any obligations.
1.4 Certified Training
To get certified & expertise in D-Link products we would be conducting training programs for our valued customers.
To take advantage of these services feel free to contact D-Link Technical Support at following

1.1 Overview
The APTEC Support Partner Program is designed to give resellers the opportunity to sell Symantec Security Products for which they previously did not have the expertise to implement. The three levels available give the reseller the flexibility of choosing a program best suited to their needs.

1.2 Program Levels
The Premium Support Partner Program is designed for resellers that do not focus on delivering total solutions or do not have the infrastructure in place to offer support for Symantec Security Products but have customers that require minimum downtime and quick response. Offering 24/7/365 After Sales support, the reseller can extend this support to his customers and rely on APTEC's expertise to provide the support. 

Standard Support Partner Program is designed for companies that require support for their security products and where downtime is either not critical to their infrastructure. This program offers support during working hours (9-6 Sat - Wed and 9-2pm Thursday) as well as e-mail support, telephone support and more. 

Incident Based Support is for the client who has their own infrastructure in place and has support on all levels. Support calls will be charged on a case-by-case basis and Charges will differ according to the category of the product and type of support required.


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