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Aptec University- The Channel Graduates

20 May 2002

Dubai, May 20 2002, Aptec held its' third and final annual flagship event namely Aptec University, at the Royal Mirage Hotel Dubai, the event which took place over the duration of the 19th & 20th May '02, was hailed a great success by all attendants on both the reseller and vendor side.

Aptec University was Aptec's Group "channel development program", to prepare the resellers for business challenges of the future. Aptec University's umbrella incorporated training, seminars, forums and knowledge updates, which contributed to equip Aptec's partners for the market place of the future. Addressing the e-trend the first year, and Mobility & Security in Computing the second year, this year Aptec and 10 of its' top vendors presented a "Strategy Overview" of their companies towards the channel and product roadmaps.

More than 260 regional partners participated in this year's event, with over 26 countries being represented from the Gulf, Levant and Africa. Attendants mostly consisted of General Managers, Managing Directors or Key decision-makers. To address this impressive crowd of customers, was an equally impressive list of key regional speakers from Microsoft, 3Com, Symantec, HP, USR, APC, NAI, Lotus, Computer Associates and D-Link. Presenting them with their insights, product updates and ways in which partners can use this information to their benefit, in today and tomorrow's IT. world.

"Being the first to introduce the concept of VAD (value added distribution), Aptec has shown its commitment to changing world trends and devoting its time to offer better services to our partners by passing along the knowledge, which was a driving force behind this venture" Bahaa Salah Regional GM, Aptec Gulf, Levant and Africa.

To add cultural authenticity to Aptec University, Aptec held a Gala Dinner on the night of the 19th May '02 in the midst of the beautiful desert of Dubai, sponsored by Symantec and HP, the event was extremely successful, with live entertainment throughout the night catering for the 250 invitees.

Attendants walked away with a lot of prizes, promotions, corporate gifts and good memories and impressions of this event.

This was the last year for Aptec University, and all the participants got their graduation certificates certifying their completion. Aptec will be introducing a new concept for next year and years to come which is promising the natural advancement of Aptec University into higher stages.

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