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Aptec Gulf & Sapphire Technology
The Best Coalition in Marketing Sapphire ATI VGA Cards

Aptec Gulf (L.L.C.) Dubai has been appointed as the principal distributor for Sapphire Technology Ltd in marketing and distribution of Sapphire ATI video graphics accelerators in United Arab Emirates, Middle East, Mediterranean territories and North African markets.

Mr. Sumit Kumar -- ATI Product Manager of Aptec Gulf, Levant & Africa Dubai, United Arab Emirates is very excited about the new business relationship. Aptec Gulf has always been a key player in marketing ATI video graphics products in the regions. Sapphire Technology Ltd is the original manufacturing partner for ATI Technologies Ltd Canada. Sapphire ATI VGA products are items of the premium category. They are renowned on outstanding quality and reliability in the industry. Sapphire's manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, China comprises of 2 buildings with total manufacturing area over 250,000 sq. ft. The factories are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified facilities with 17 SMT lines running in very high capacity. With corporate headquarter in Hong Kong, they have over 3000 employees worldwide.

Aptec Gulf is particularly confident to market Sapphire ATI VGA cards due to Sapphire's 100% dedication and commitment in ATI. Their manufacturing, product, marketing and engineering experiences dated back for more than 10 years' collaboration with ATI Canada.

"When you are working with a partner with such dedication and experience, you are definitely on top of your competitions", said Mr. Kumar. "We are very proud to appoint Aptec Gulf to be our principal distribution partner on Sapphire ATI VGA cards in the Middle East Regions, they have unsurpassed professionalism and reputation in the distribution industry. This is the best coalition you could ever have", said Mr. Rex Tsang, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sapphire Technology Ltd.

Sapphire ATI products line up is so complete that they will be the first to release the ATI IGP320 integrated graphics Motherboard in end of June. A product that is based on Radeon 7000 TV out graphics technology with Graphics Shared Memory up to 128MB - a level that is envied by major competition.

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