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U.S.Robotics Launches V.92 Standard in the Region
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
7 April 2002

U.S.Robotics, a world leader in Internet access solutions today announced the introduction of its V.92 technology to the regional market. V.92 technology was created to make the use of internet services more compatible with household phone systems and enables customers to experience the richest sounds and most vivid graphics, by allowing for the fastest possible connections over existing phone lines. V.92 modems make using the internet less of a burden on the household in three valuable ways: by providing faster upload speeds and therefore reducing the time required to transmit data, by permitting faster connect time, thus making remote data more readily accessible and by being able to recognize and respond to inbound
call signaling, which allows users with the call waiting service to put their internet session on hold in order to answer an incoming call, after which they can resume their internet usage without having to redial. The company also announced that U.S.Robotics V.92-ready connectivity solutions are already available with distributors and resellers in the region.

“U.S.Robotics’ aim is to keep our users connected with cutting-edge
technology, and the introduction of V.92 strengthens our position in this domain” said Yusuf Syed, regional sales manager, U.S.Robotics Middle East and India. “By making all our products in this region V.92 ready, we are putting this new power at the service of all users.”

The company briefed its channel fully about the capabilities of the new technology, and worked with distributors and resellers to ensure that they are ready to supply and support the new technology.

“V.92 ready products are available with the channel as we speak,” said
Mahmoud Samy, U.S.Robotics’ regional manager for the Levant, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean “and we will keep on introducing new solutions to meet the requirements of all users, especially small businesses and households“

The V.92 technology brings the following features:

Modem on Hold

The explosive growth of data communications has caused a subtle, but
persistent challenge: sharing the phone line. Households have been forced to choose either the continuing expense of a second phone line or the inconvenience of losing access to incoming telephone calls while online. V.92 addresses this issue directly by providing a mechanism to detect inbound calls. A V.92 modem recognizes the standard Call Waiting signaling provided by the Telco and indicates to the user that there is an incoming call. If the phone company
provides Caller ID information along with the Call Waiting signal, then this information is also provided to the V.92 modem user. A user who is online can then determine, on a call-by-call basis, whether the inbound call is important enough to interrupt the current online session.

Quick Connect
One of the hidden costs of modem use is the delay incurred by the “training session” modems normally do every time a data connection is established. U.S.Robotics has long sought to minimize this delay, and V.92 continues this effort with its Quick Connect feature. A V.92 modem “remembers” the connection conditions each time it is used and tests for similar conditions each time it connects. If the conditions match those from the last time the modem was used, V.92 restores the previous connection, cutting 30 to 50 percent off the normal training time.

“In some cases, the quick connect will approximately halve the time required for dial-up modems to make the ‘handshake’ with the ISP on a regularly used connection,” added Syed. “At U.S. Robotics, we believe that such features represent the next evolution in dial-up connectivity by focusing primarily on the user experience, and reducing cost and time”

This enhancement makes the online experience faster and better for those who send information instead of just Web surfing. If you're a gamer, you'll be able to send your commands at greater speed than your opponents who have outdated modems! V.PCM Upstream reaches upstream speeds up to 48 Kbps and lets you choose either the fastest downstream speed (up to 53 Kbps) or a "balanced" connection of downstream and upstream communication.


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