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Aptec establishes first e-Supply Chain

Dubai- 6th January 2008

In its continuous drive for process improvement and cost reduction in the IT supply chain, Aptec has now implemented an e-Supply Chain, making the entire Sales Order Process from initial quoting through ordering on, and receipt from, a supplier to final delivery to the reseller fully and seamlessly integrated.

The last link in this chain, e-Supply Chain, integrates Aptec’s iScala ERP system with vendors’ order processing systems using XML technology, allowing orders for any item not currently in stock (for example, a software license, which cannot be stocked) to be automatically placed on the relevant vendor and executed with the minimum of human intervention.

"The pilot system with one of Aptec’s key suppliers has been tested comprehensively over the past few weeks and is working well, so can now be rolled out to other vendors with the appropriate capability,” explained Biju Alex, IT Manager at Aptec Holdings.

Mario M. Veljovic, Operations & Commercial Manager at Aptec Holdings explained, “We have been using modern web based ecommerce tools to achieve higher efficiency levels for our Sales and Supply Chain Team for some time and feel the true value with every new tool and system we add.

“Having achieved a fully electronic supply chain without any duplication of work has helped us to reduce turnaround times on orders by up to 66%, speeding up delivery times, while improving the accuracy of orders and reducing the need to add expensive heads as the business grows.

 “After all, cost-leadership is critical for all Distribution businesses, so using the latest technologies to keep ahead of the cost curve is the only way forward.”

Aptec has established multiple e-solutions for internal and external purposes. The company was the first to introduce Online Ordering (eShop) and e-Licenses.

EShop, a full-fledged electronic online shop, is used today by Aptec’s large Sales and Business Development Team in almost all subsidiaries for sales order processing: entering and tracking of quotations and sales orders. e-License is used for delivering Electronic Licenses to its Reseller base across the Middle East, Turkey and parts of Africa. Further online services, such as Reseller Account and Credit Applications, Order Tracking, RMA Applications, Technical Support and Statements of Account, are available at for registered resellers.

For More Information Contact:-
Kamlesh Lal
Marketing Manager
Tel: +9714 3697 111

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