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Aptec wins top ISE Partner award for IPG multi-function products from Hewlett-Packard

June 16, 2003

Aptec, the biggest and fastest-growing IT distributor in the Middle East, has recently won the award for the top ISE partner for multi-function products of the Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) within Hewlett-Packard (HP). The award was presented to Bahaa Salah, Aptec Regional General Manager, Gulf, Lebanon & Africa and Dr. Hesham Elabd, Aptec International Director for HP Business Development; at Hewlett-Packard's European Channel Partner Conference, which was held in Cannes on May 26, and 27, 2003, where senior members of the company's management were present. The award was in recognition of Aptec's high business volumes and its effective implementation of HP's strategies in the Middle East region. Aptec has been instrumental in actively promoting HP's strategy that is focused on new initiatives that deliver the best returns on information technology to its vast reseller network.

"The multifunction products market in the Middle East is seeing increased adoption, as enterprise customers become more concerned about optimizing work environments without sacrificing user access, convenience or productivity. HP today has a major market share in the printing and imaging industry due to its customer responsiveness and reliability. Aptec works in close coordination with HP in its drive to promote true digital convergence at the high end of the imaging and printing markets. The top ISE partner award will motivate us to create greater awareness of HP's upcoming innovations in areas such as digital imaging and digital publishing," said Bahaa Salah, Regional General Manager, Gulf, Lebanon & Africa, Aptec Gulf.

"Aptec's experience and expertise puts us in a highly favorable position to meet our goals and offer world-class standards of service to vendors such as Hewlett-Packard. Multi-function printers represent a key opportunity to reduce costs and improve productivity within businesses. We believe that the multifunction products and solutions offered by HP will play a critical role in accelerating the company's growth in the Middle East region," said Dr. Elabd.

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