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Aptec Holdings appoints HR & Operations Manager -
Jo Dalling to focus on improving business standards - April 5, 2003

Aptec, the fastest growing IT distributor in the region has announced the appointment of Jo Dalling as HR & Operations Manager of Aptec Holdings to further consolidate and strengthen its operations and services in the region. This tactical move is in keeping with Aptec's focus on 'people excellence' at all levels and to boost the excellent market, customer and product knowledge of its employees, which has helped the company, achieve high profitability and better margins, whilst also building on its relationships within the channel through quality focused customer service initiatives. The new manager will focus on linking the reengineering of business standards in the region and translating this into a qualified and visible range of value added services.

"Aptec has witnessed tremendous growth in 2002 and we expect the trend to continue this year. I am really excited about my new position at Aptec and looking forward the opportunity to use my skills around development of the employees, achieving the company objectives and improving every aspect of the service we offer," said Jo.

"I will be focusing on the Dubai office in the short term but will be rolling out improvements in people and business excellence to the whole region towards the end of the year to further enhance the Aptec brand as a professional international standard. We have prioritised the key objectives into a yearly roadmap tackling those areas first which will have a triple effect on our 3 focus areas of improving the performance of our people, achieving corporate objectives and creating a visible and effective improvement in our customer service performance. There is a great company spirit here at Aptec and a real focus on the customer and we are going to build on both those aspects," she added.

Jo has a strong HR and operational background working for multinationals both in the Gulf for 13 years and in the United Kingdom. She has an extensive background in purchasing and will be working with the product managers and the new purchase team on various analysis and system improvements to improve the reliability and integrity of the stock. This means quicker and greater satisfaction of Aptec's resellers channel needs. Better stock mix on the ground means improved customer service and this will be a major focus for the company over the coming quarters. Aptec Gulf will also be working on a sharper international supply chain, leading to shorter lead times on the more unusual slower moving products as well as refocusing on the internal delivery system within Dubai to provide the reseller with shorter delivery times door to door.

"Whilst all these business improvements are implemented, I will also be focussing on establishing developmental and motivational objectives for the staff," said Jo. "So my work will be working simultaneously on people management and business systems. I am hoping that the reseller channel will notice the improvements in our sales order processing procedures and stock mix by the end of the second quarter, as the changes we are making will start to show some real quantifiable results."

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