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Aptec pioneering environmental sustainability in IT distribution – Antarctica expedition.

Dubai, UAE, 14th April 2011 – Aptec Holdings, one of the largest ICT distributors in the Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey & Africa, has commenced its long-term environmental sustainability plan by sponsoring one of the participants in The Renewable Energy Expedition to Antarctica, Zornitza Hadjitodorova, resident of UAE, an environmental activist and an official ambassador of the organization 2041 across the Middle East. Zornitza Hadjitodorova was part of the expedition along with 27 senior business leaders from across the world with an objective to raise awareness on the topic of environmental sustainability globally and leadership on the edge. Dr. Ali Baghdadi, CEO of Aptec Holdings, commented: “Many companies recognize the danger of Earth’s resource constraints and try to make efforts to move towards a lower climate risk economy. Sustainability issues, such as biodiversity, climate change, and environmental degradation have become central challenges. Aptec wants to spread the awareness among its channel partners with whom it reaches over 30,000 businesses every year.”

Business leaders from top multinationals like Shell, the Asian power house CLP Group, Duke Energy, National Geographic, Lokheed Martin, Newscorp, US Green Building Council, and EPA got together not only “to conquer Antarctica” but to give their own contribution to global sustainability development. Along with world-renowned experts and specialists on climate change, environmental protection, and clean energy, the group developed the first “Corporate Sustainability Report from Antarctica (CSRA)”. Upon her return from the last great wilderness on Earth, Zornitza Hadjitodorova revealed “It has been the most transformational and inspirational experience I could have ever dreamed to be part of! My spirit is re-ignited and I am motivated to be the engine of positive change across companies and communities.”

The two-week expedition was organized by 2041 and led by ACORE, American Council on Renewable Energy. 2041 was founded by polar explorer, environmental leader and public speaker Robert Swan, OBE, the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles. Swan has dedicated his life to the preservation of Antarctica by the promotion of recycling, renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change. Human activities in Antarctica are governed by an international agreement known as the Antarctic Treaty System, established in 1959. This unique international agreement ensures that Antarctica is used for peaceful purposes only and that the environment is protected. Currently there is a moratorium in place that bans drilling or mining in Antarctica called the Environmental Protocol, established in 1991. This document can be reviewed after the 50-year anniversary in 2041. As the year 2041 quickly approaches, Robert Swan’s goal is to ensure that the young people and leaders of today make sustainable decisions for tomorrow.

Aptec’s flag was delivered to Antarctica by Zornitza Hadjitodorova to mark the beginning of the company’s sustainability plan, the first of its kind in the region initiated by an IT distributor. Aptec Group revealed its plans of Corporate Social Responsibility program to be launched later this year. Aptec’s approach to CSR will align responsible business practices and social investments to create long-term value for all stakeholders. As part of its CSR program, the company’s environmental strategy takes a holistic approach, looking at both direct and indirect impacts with a focus on two key areas:

•Operations: improving our own resource efficiency and changing the way we work, encouraging our employees to reduce their environmental impacts at work and at home.
•Awareness: creating awareness in the market about sustainability issues and making efforts to promote low-carbon solutions and products in IT channel ecosystem which will help our customers to use less energy and reduce carbon footprint.

Aptec’s plans are to empower individuals within the company and its supply chain to make the commitment to reduce their carbon footprint through targeted efforts. Aptec undertakes partnerships with IT vendors, industry peers, and other stakeholders to help it implement this strategy to promote the Green IT in the channel and the role of Information and Communication Technology in sustainability. Reducing energy consumption in datacenters through creating awareness about energy-sufficient servers and virtualization technology and promoting cooling systems that consume less energy are main areas where distributor can have impact. Dr. Ali Baghdadi shared: “Information technology has the power to transform how the world approaches environmental challenges. Aptec sees its role as an agent of knowledge and practical ideas that can contribute to a sustainable ecosystem. After all, Aptec stands for Appropriate Technology and was born with this as a main goal”

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